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ures of residents upon entrance, according to Zeng Qun, deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. Quyi Community was among the first Shanghai neighborhoods to adopt closed-off management. Since late January, it has been disinfecting public areas, introducing contactless deliveries and ensuring residents returning from

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severely affected regions are placed in quarantine. "For those who are under self-quarantine at home, health workers will provide door-to-door visits every day, and services from grocery shopping to psychological counseling are offered," said Huang Ying, an official with Hongkou District where the community is located. Shangha

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i, with a population of 24 million, is among China's most populous cities and a commercial hub. It was once predicted as the most susceptible to a coronavirus outbreak. Mathematical models estimated that without prevention and control measures, Shanghai's infection numbers would exceed 100,000. Even with some interventions, th

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e figure could still reach tens of thousands, according to Zhang Wenhong, who heads Shanghai's medic

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